The IRHBA NOMINATION PROGRAM, called “I.N.P.” for short, is the breeding programme managed by IRHBA that aims to contribute of prize money to distribute during the Futurity IRHA/IRHBA 3 Y.O.



This cash prize is won through the regular registrations of stallions and foals by not-enrolled stallions and contributes to the added value of the Futurity.

Only foals by enrolled stallions or foals registered individually may participate in the Futurity, upon payment of the fees listed below.

The programme requires enrolment of the stallions by no later than 31st October of the year before the breeding year and that of foals by non-enrolled stallions by no later than 31st December of the year of birth. 

Enrolled stallions or foals cannot be substituted by another.

Enrolment costs:



                                                                                                                       Regular              Surcharge 10% (*)

By 31st October:

     of the year preceding the breeding season                   € 750.00                      € 825.00

     of the same year of the breeding season                        € 1,000.00                  € 1,100.00

     of the year after the breeding season                              € 1,250.00                   € 1,375.00

     of the 2° year after the breeding season                        € 1,500.00                   € 1,650.00

     of the 3° year after the breeding season                        € 5,000.00                   € 5,500.00

No later than seven days after the Futurity’s first go        € 15,000.00


    Foals by not-enrolled stallions

                                                                                                                         Regular              Surcharge 10% (*)

By 31st December:

      of the year of birth (weanling)                                                   € 300.00                      € 330.00

      of the first year of age (yearling)                                              € 750.00                       € 825.00

      of the second year of age                                                             € 2,500.00                   € 2,750.00

No later than seven days after the Futurity’s first go        € 5,000.00                       

(*) An enrolment within 60 days from the deadline is agreed with a 10% increase for delayed payment.

In order to enrol the stallions or the foals to the I.N.P., you must be a member of the IRHBA for the current year.



Membership fees and fees for enrolling stallions and foals can be paid in the following ways:

a - “on-line”: Payment with credit card or Pay Pal:  Immediate enrolment and no additional costs.

Paypal payment is recommended as being the safest and cheapest method.

b - “off-line”: by downloading the enrolment form from the website, or requesting it from the IRHBA’s administrative office, attaching the required documents and a bank transfer receipt. 

In this case, you will need to pay an “office charge” of €20.00 for each membership, €50.00 per new stallion, €25.00 per previously enrolled stallion and €25.00 per foal.

In case of errors of any kind (lack of membership, incorrect amount, missing or illegible data, etc.), the enrolment will be kept pending for a maximum of 30 days: if the problem is not resolved within the deadline, the request for enrolment will be cancelled and the IRHBA will reimburse any payments made.

Any cancellation of a payment by the Bank or PayPal will automatically result in the cancellation of the relative enrolments and the receipt issued by the IRHBA.

The deadlines are mandatory and the date of the last bank transfer balancing the amount due will be used to calculate the cost of entries.

All these problems can be avoided by using the "on-line" procedure.