Foals Catalog

Country Date of birth Foal Gender Father Mother Owner
ITALY 05/10/2015 A 15 SNAPPER ENTERPRISE MALE Mr Snapperino Enterprise Dunnit Rovatti Igor
ITALY 05/04/2015 A 15 SNIPER AV MALE Roosters Jinglebo Spring Snapper GRC Horses
ITALY 05/09/2015 A 15 SUGAR CANDY OLENA MALE Rum Olena Reminics Sugar Candy Az. Agr. Ferrarini Lucio
ITALY 05/19/2015 A 15 SURPRISING WHIZIE FEMALE Cash Enterprise Sanditch Enterprise Giordano Eva
ITALY 03/02/2015 A 15 TG SNAP SHOT GUN MALE Readys Red Snap Okeo Shut Gun Taormina Giampiero
ITALY 03/24/2015 A 15 VQH CHEXY FLYER MALE A Stormy Flyer Bueno San Lucy La Vaccariccia Qh e Ph
ITALY 02/10/2015 A 15 VQH SAIL WIN FEMALE Ml OakSan Peppy Lil Lesa Win La Vaccariccia Qh e Ph
ITALY 04/07/2015 A 15 WHIZ FOR ME MALE Mizzter Whiz Dually Holly Cee Fiaschi Viola
GERMANY 04/01/2015 A 15 WHIZPER ON LINE MALE Shine On Line Whizs Lena Chex Hansen Sarah
ITALY 04/20/2016 A 16 AC BLAC COMET MALE Comets Tru Quest Streak Chicca Reed Cirincione Paolo
ITALY 04/20/2016 A 16 AC COLONEL FROST MALE Sir Cutter Frost Brigalenas Nu Bar Cirincione Paolo
ITALY 04/13/2016 A 16 AC LENA PEPPY KING FEMALE Pepito O Lena Holly Peppy San Giuliani Mario Vittorio
ITALY 04/20/2016 A 16 AC QUEST SOLANO MALE Comets Tru Quest Ac Mis San Peppy San Santini Gaia
ITALY 02/28/2016 A 16 ARC HOLLYS CUTTER DOC MALE Arc Snappy Cutter Hollys Ms Little Doc Fiadone Andrea
ITALY 03/20/2016 A 16 ARC SNAPPY IN THE DIAMOND FEMALE Arc Snappy Cutter Slide In The Diamond Fiadone Andrea
ITALY 04/13/2016 A 16 AS BROADMASTER MALE Broadmoor Lg Master Dolly Arioli Susanna
ITALY 04/13/2016 A 16 A SMOKING BUCKLE MALE Show Me The Buckles Smart N Smoking Ananda Leone Gari
ITALY 01/01/2016 A 16 BLUE LADY GUN FEMALE Arc Magic Redskin More Four Gun Bressanini Giulia
NETHERLANDS 04/11/2016 A 16 BROADZEUS MALE Broadway Bh Sevens Best Van Der Hoeven Roy
SWITZERLAND 05/19/2016 A 16 CDC CROMED RESOLVE MALE Custom Del Cielo Kaysolve Strebel Fabian
ITALY 04/30/2016 A 16 CG RADIOACTIVE CROME MALE Jacs Electric Spark Custom Que Sera Az. Agr. Don Bosco/Carrarini
ITALY 05/21/2016 A 16 C.G. X GUNNER BE ELECTRIC MALE Custom Genetic Gunner Be Electric Ambrosini Maurizio
ITALY 05/11/2016 A 16 C.L. X LF DOUBLE PARETTE MALE Custom Legend Lf Double Parette Trevisan Giulio
ITALY 07/15/2016 A 16 DC DEVIL JACLENA WHIZ MALE Arc Gallo N Whiz Davil Maggie Jac Azienda Agricola il Girasole d
ITALY 07/15/2016 A 16 D.I.U.I.S. X BOOM MISS MELODY MALE Dun It Up In Smoke Boom Miss Melody GRC Horses