Foals Catalog

Country Date of birth Foal Gender Father Mother Owner
ITALY 05/06/2015 A 15 HOLLYWOOD SMOKINJACK MALE Dun It Up In Smoke One Spice Girl GRC Horses
AUSTRIA 03/05/2015 A 15 KAM KARLA BRUNI FEMALE Double Delmaso Kam Miss Hollywood Spreitzhufer Markus
ITALY 07/10/2015 A 15 LENAS HOT SNAPPER MALE Hot Snapper Chex Masters Remolena Santoni Gino
ITALY 05/01/2015 A 15 LUCIANI GIULIO MALE Roki Flash Sconosciuta Luciani Giulio
ITALY 01/01/2015 A 15 M.C.D. X CUSTOM SOLANO MILLY MALE Magnum Chic Dream Custom Solano Milly Az Agr Cortesi Piero
ITALY 03/22/2015 A 15 MISS MAGNUM WHIZ FEMALE Magnum With A Dream Miss Jacspins Whiz Soc. Agr. Palazzolo
ITALY 03/03/2015 A 15 MRH JOHN ELDER MALE Arc Genuine Gold Nic Sailor Marcucci Reining Horses
ITALY 06/12/2015 A 15 MR TOPSAIL VALENTINE MALE Topsail Speckles Ot Taris Skipett Boemil Studfarm di Boniperti E
ITALY 05/15/2015 A 15 MUCHO JAKIE CHEX FEMALE Mucho Chex To Cash Pepper Jakie Jack Az. Agr. Ferrarini Lucio
ITALY 04/11/2015 A 15 NEXT REDSKIN RESOLVE MALE Sir Genius Ld Selly Redskin Rosini Daniele
ITALY 07/15/2015 A 15 NS THE FOUR RUBY MALE Ab the Red Boggies Rooster Canove srl Societa Agricola
ITALY 02/28/2015 A 15 OVER THE RAINBOW MALE Genuine Rainbow Tina Taris Alberti Rodrigo
ITALY 05/18/2015 A 15 PEPPOLENA CHEX FEMALE Mucho chex Tocash Miss Vanna Dee Castelverde Holstein
ITALY 06/25/2015 A 15 PEPPY GETSYATHERE MALE Wynnin Getsy Athere Nitabars Peppy Belle Ceretta Franco
ITALY 01/01/2015 A 15 PS REMINIC SHOT TARY FEMALE ps shot Az Agr Patti Salvatore
ITALY 02/22/2015 A 15 RAINBOW IN THE JUNGLE MALE Genuine Rainbow Bb Taris Alberti Rodrigo
ITALY 01/01/2015 A 15 RED GUN FEMALE a a Rossi Antimo
ITALY 05/05/2015 A 15 R.J. X SNAPPER MELODY MALE Roosters Jinglebob Snapper Melody GRC Horses
ITALY 01/01/2015 A 15 R.R. X MARIAH PEP MALE Roany Rey Mariah Pep Az. Agr. Bracci Federica
ITALY 06/20/2015 A 15 S.D. X OSCARINA MALE Skeets Diamonds Oscarina Madama Reining Horses
ITALY 04/13/2015 A 15 SEVENTH SKY FEMALE Boemil Twin Topleus Fubia Peppy Tobe Cerimele Daniele
ITALY 01/22/2015 A 15 SHINING AS A JAYBIRD FEMALE Shining Slide San As A Jaybird Grieco Giuseppe
ITALY 05/10/2015 A 15 SKEETOS LITTLE COLOR MALE Erc Color Me Kool Skeetos Little Jewel Az. Agr. Oliveti Rossano
ITALY 03/05/2015 A 15 SMARTIEZ ICE CREAM FEMALE Arc Tora Tora Vanilla Ice Cream Soc. Agr. Palazzolo
ITALY 05/30/2015 A 15 SMOKE N OPTION MALE Dun It Up In Smoke Cn Dual Option GRC Horses