Foals Catalog

Country Date of birth Foal Gender Father Mother Owner
ITALY 04/22/2014 A 14 AS SNAPPERINA CHIC FEMALE Mr Snapperino Cg Remedy Sugar Chic Arioli Susanna
ITALY 04/04/2014 A 14 DS FROZEN CODY MALE Cody Last Frozen Dixie C.I. Blue Ranch
ITALY 05/22/2014 A 14 DUALIN IN WHIZY G ME MALE Dualin For Me Whiz Enterprise Pianini Giulia
ITALY 04/12/2014 A 14 DUNIT LIKE CLOCKWORK FEMALE Dun It Up In Smoke Chics Nifty Pine GRC Horses
ITALY 01/01/2014 A 14 FD BUENINA ICE FEMALE Gallo Bueno Sailor Pretty Angel Fiorentino Domenico
ITALY 05/25/2014 A 14 GALLO CENTO MALE Roosters Jinglebob Straw Berry Whiz GRC Horses
ITALY 04/28/2014 A 14 G.B. X JESS MISTY OLENA MALE Gallo Bueno Jess Misty Olena Fiorentino Domenico
ITALY 04/04/2014 A 14 GUTRIE THE TOP MALE Whizin To The Top Miss Peppy Gutrie Buccini Giorgia
ITALY 02/02/2014 A 14 HOLLYWOOD LITTLE TRIPS MALE Little Joe Bran Six Smart Trips Criscione Paolo
ITALY 05/29/2014 A 14 HOLLYWOOD MUCHO CHEX MALE Mucho Chex To Cash My Hollywood Ending Az. Agr. Ferrarini Lucio
ITALY 05/14/2014 A 14 JAKIE ZIP CHEX FEMALE Doctor Zip Chex Pepper Jakie Jack Az. Agr. Ferrarini Lucio
ITALY 06/14/2014 A 14 LITTLE ROYAL CROWN MALE Crown Royal Hickory Little Dolly Lena Soc. Agricola MEle srl
ITALY 05/03/2014 A 14 LUCKY CHARM IN JAC FEMALE Doc Tivio Hancock Lv Freckles Jac Meacci Adriano
ITALY 04/23/2014 A 14 MAGICO GALLO MALE Prize Rooster Snappy My Magic Parolari Andrea
ITALY 01/15/2014 A 14 MISS MAGIC LOLA FEMALE Snapper Peppy Doc Sweet Tabasco Dargenio Claudioita
ITALY 05/10/2014 A 14 MUCHO CHEX ARLENA FEMALE Mucho Chex To Cash Spring Arlena Az. Agr. Ferrarini Lucio
ITALY 04/08/2014 A 14 PERLA DEL GALLO FEMALE Roosters Jinglebo Top This Spot GRC Horses
ITALY 02/20/2014 A 14 PF MOONLIGHT SAILOR FEMALE Chic Olena Partee Miss sailor Innocent Az Agricola Camisi Mattia
ITALY 03/08/2014 A 14 PL DRYN INFINITY MALE Ml Oak Infinito Cpr Dry N Frozen La Macchia Degli Esperti
ITALY 04/27/2014 A 14 REMY ROOSTER SG MALE Remin Whiz Tea Rooster Arrighi Francesco
ITALY 05/20/2014 A 14 RG ROOSTERINO WHIZ MALE Arc Rooster N Whiz Martha Hollywood Eloro Ranch
ITALY 02/27/2014 A 14 SCHOPENAUER MALE Icenauer Arc Lady Lynx Fasanelli Sabino
ITALY 02/25/2014 A 14 S.H. X CV SUSIE SOLANO MALE Starlight Heragon Cv Susie Solano Bertini Gionata
ITALY 03/01/2014 A 14 SMOKIN KASHMIR MALE Dun It Up In Smok Boogie Olena Maid GRC Horses
ITALY 05/07/2014 A 14 SS MAGIC NIK MALE Nik Seco Chic Sr Great Fox Ponso Mario