Foals Catalog

Country Date of birth Foal Gender Father Mother Owner
ITALY 04/20/2015 A 15 AC SMART PEPPY SAN MALE Pepito O Lena Holly Peppy San Giuliani Mario Vittorio
ITALY 02/25/2015 A 15 AK COLOR SNAP MALE Erc Color Me Kool Arc San Snap Az. Agr. Oliveti Rossano
ITALY 05/13/2015 A 15 ARLAN OLENA MALE Rum Olena Spring Arlena Az. Agr. Ferrarini Lucio
ITALY 04/29/2015 A 15 BF RUMOLINO WHIZ MALE Rum Olena Chex Out West Ambrosini Quarter Horses asd
ITALY 04/26/2015 A 15 BOEMIL TWIN STAROP MALE Topsail Speckles Boemil Valentwin Scuderia Del Parco-Rota Andrea
ITALY 04/01/2015 A 15 BROOSCHICK SURPRISE FEMALE Rooster Hick Miss April Surprise Bruschi Giulia
SWITZERLAND 02/18/2015 A 15 CDC SPOOK N GENTLE FEMALE Custom Del Cielo Dont Spook Around Strebel Fabian
DENMARK 05/31/2015 A 15 CHEX HER SMILEY FEMALE Hot Snapper Chex Stormin Luck Olsen Birgitte Louise
SWITZERLAND 01/28/2015 A 15 CHEX LECTRIC GUNS MALE Chex Your Guns Lectric Hick Chic Seiler Qh
AUSTRIA 04/26/2015 A 15 CHICAGO LENA MALE Smart Chic Olena Bright Gun City Hammer Wolfgang
SWITZERLAND 06/03/2015 A 15 CIELOS WELL DUN FEMALE Custom Del Cielo Dun It Whiz Cody Strebel Fabian
ITALY 01/01/2015 A 15 DA EINSTEIN ONE ICE MALE Icenauer Double R Solve Dell'Atti Marco Antonio
ITALY 02/20/2015 A 15 DANCELITTLEINSTEIN FEMALE Great Resolve Dance Little Spook Quarter Dream srl
ITALY 06/11/2015 A 15 DOCTOR OLENA PARTEE MALE Chic Olena Partee Arc Doctor in Twi Asd Equestre Chico Ranch
AUSTRIA 06/13/2015 A 15 DR LEE JEFF MALE Dr Lee Hook Nu Rum to Smoke Glis Ranch
ITALY 05/30/2015 A 15 DULLY CHIC LENA MALE Gfc Dully Dully Cg Golden Chic Lena Lenas Syndacate srls
ITALY 01/01/2015 A 15 E.D. X LENA GOLD SUN MALE Especial Diamond Lena Gold Sun Societa Agricola T.Stable ss
ITALY 04/13/2015 A 15 EVITA GUN FEMALE Gun Chic Nic Sm Itsa Grey Manga Az. Agr. Oliveti Rossano
ITALY 04/08/2015 A 15 FL STARDUST PRISE FEMALE Cash Enterprise Elisabeth Jessie Fl Reining horses asd
ITALY 05/02/2015 A 15 FUEGO MALE Zan Parr Catalyst Jusy Bar Pintor Galliè Giovanni
ITALY 06/01/2015 A 15 GH TAG THE ROPE FEMALE Whiz N Tag Chex Arc Turbine Ropers Società Agricola Guida srl
GERMANY 06/18/2015 A 15 GUNBELLO MALE Gunnerito Bh Doc Toms Bella Kochinke Franc
BELGIUM 04/21/2015 A 15 GUNNERS BLACK EDITION MALE Modern Gunner Jubidus Scheunemann Claudia
SWITZERLAND 04/20/2015 A 15 HICKORY BLUE GUNS MALE Chex Your Guns Miss Chicie Hickory Seiler Qh
ITALY 06/05/2015 A 15 HOLLYWOOD SIGGY CHEX FEMALE Doctor Zip Chex My Hollywood Ending Az. Agr. Ferrarini Lucio