Please be advised that the EFRHA Nomination Program (ENP)is pending until June 30th 2017, date by which the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) will decide whether to  support the program itself and also considering the number of European Reining Associattions, that to date, do not to share the ENP.

Considering the above, for the 2017 breeding season the stallions must be enrolled in IRHBA following the same procedure as previous years. The deadline has been moved to January 31st 2017 without penalty.

The project of the new ENP is at the EFRHA Council study with the aim of:

  • Affiliate all European Reining Associations.
  • Creating a single breeding program open to all, in order to finance the National Special Events of the Affiliate Associations, the 4 y.o. European Futurity and the European Derby.

2017 assembly summoning

We apologize for this regrettable unexpected and we intend to present shortly the new ENP which will be implemented by the 2018 breeding season, more immersive for the European Reining Associations and having more benefits for the subscribers of the program.

EFRHA President
Roberto Cuoghi